Barbara Allen and Bill Van Gelder: Jackson Hole Wyoming Properties


Bloomberg’s Personal Finance Magazine has consistently named Wyoming as the most tax friendly state in the U.S.

Highlights for you to discuss with your accountant include:

  • No state income tax either personal or corporate
  • No intangibles tax
  • No tax on mineral ownership
  • Wyoming allows for Dynasty Trusts which can continue for 1,000 years
  • No state gift tax
  • No tax on out-of-state retirement income
  • No excise tax
  • No inheritance tax: “Wyoming can collect a very limited estate tax, which is tied to the federal estate tax credit, but you have to have a very large estate before that would kick in. But in general Wyoming does not collect any inheritance tax.” according to Brian Jones, Senior Vice President of Bank of Jackson Hole.
  • Low property taxes
  • Low sales tax
  • No tax on the sale of real estate