Barbara Allen and Bill Van Gelder: Jackson Hole Wyoming Properties

antelopeandcalf bullelk-bugling blackbeartree buffalocrossingwatersummer trumpeter-swans mothermooseandcalf bighornsheep moosebullfall

Jackson Hole is one of the few places left in the United States where animal sightings are a part of everyday life. Bordered by the National Elk Refuge, which shelters a herd of nearly 7,000 elk every winter, and surrounded by national forest and park, wildlife roam mostly unimpeded through the valley. Large herds of bison grace the landscape. Elk wander through open fields. Swans, eagles and geese fly overhead. Osprey nest on man-made poles scattered through the valley. Big Horn Sheep dot the landscape of cliffs in the National Elk Refuge and nearby Gros Ventre Wilderness. In nearby Yellowstone National Park, grizzlies and wolves still journey. For the photographer, bird watcher or nature lover, it is a promised land.